' Lou Alofa ' 2001 <Ask for Price List >
Acrylic on board, series of 13 - 30 x 25 cm each

" This work was inspired by my parents. They have lived in New Zealand for over thirty-five years now, coming here to fulfil their dreams and hopes for my generation and the next. It appears they will be buried here. I wonder if given a choice, where they would choose to be buried, amongst family members in the village of their birth or surrounded by strangers in a public cemetery in Mangere. "

Andy Leleisi'uao - Born 1969 - Samoan

Born in Auckland Leleisi' uao is of Samoan descent, he was raised and educated in Mangere, South Auckland. Working in a factory to help family after leaving school left him with little time for creativity, and it was not until 1994 that he was able to paint seriously. Since then Leleisi' uao has had many exhibitions. His work is an often raw look at life as he sees it in New Zealand. He is currently on a scholarship undertaking a Masters degree in Visual Arts at Auckland University of Technology. His most recent exhibition was part of the 'Respect' festival at the Dowse Art Museum in Lower Hutt.