' Asiasi 1 ' 2000 <Ask for Price List >
Fish tins, recycled copper, aluminium, rivets
250 x .90 x .60 cm

" Asiasi 1 " offers an exaggerated interpretation of a yellowfin tuna - a hybrid of the albacore species. At 2.5 metres in length, its size and shape suggest the ' deformity ' inherent in hyper - bred fish. Made of red Brusnwick sardine tins it connotes the environmental and economic relationships between Pacific peoples and the cosmopolitan nations that fish their waters. "

Michel Tuffery - Born 1966 - Samoan/ Cook Islander/ Tahitian / NZ European

Born and based in Wellington , Michel Tuffery is the recipient of several national and international art awards, public commissions and residencies. Primarily known as a sculptor, Tuffery is also a well established printmaker, painter and designer . His work is a public dimension of the personal exploration of the many facets of his background. He has stated " I am using. traditional design motifs, stories, dances and songs in a contemporary way." Active at a community level Tuffery frequently incorporates the Samoan community in performance with the artwork. Environmental issues of the Pacific and New Zealand have been a mainstay of his sculptures, performances and mixed media work in the last ten years. This work is multi - layered, belying the labels/ notions of ' Paradise ' and ' clean green ' whilst speaking of identity and concern.