' Vagahau Niue Haaku, Hepe ! ' triptych 2000 <Ask for Price List >
Oil stick acrylic, collage on board, nails, kahoa , shell necklaces - 150 x 400 cm

"I explore the personal stories of my generation, the Islanders who are living in the Otaras, Mangeres, and Glen Innes' of Auckland. This work is a homage to my mother. It is the last in a series of works began in 1990. The text, broken Niuean, reveals a story about how my mother may have felt about being brought to New Zealand - a journey undertaken by my parents in search of a better life. "

Glenda Vilisoni - Born 1965 - Niuean

Glenda Vilisoni was born in Alofi, Niue in 1965. She is a painter, whose mixed media works transcend the boundaries of painting, collage, printmaking, sculpture, installation and pacific women's art forms. Since the late 1980's she has exhibited regularly in exhibitions of contemporary Pacific art. "My art is also based on personal things, a starting point for myself - my culture is important to me, to keep it alive in any way possible, in my case through art. I am interested in documenting, through my art-making the responses toward migrating to Aotearoa, by both mine and other families, and the after effects of it on the first and second generations. Whether issues that faced us then have remained or been resolved, and whether new ones have replaced these".