' Soul Catcher IV - The Coming of the Light - Fishnet series ' 2001<Ask for Price List >
Plastic sushi fish, sterling silver, acrylic rod 140 x 190 cm

" Not surprisingly Pacific legends abound with tales of the ocean. Within western cultures also the fish has been used as a generic symbol for Christ and Christianity, and the net has been depicted as a symbol of catching souls, fishing for christ and as a symbol of mankind's attempt to capture enlightenment. The coming of the Light was a phrase commonly used by colonist missionaries in the 19th century . It is a condescending and somewhat negative reference to the time of darkness before enlightenment was brought to the ' heathen natives ' , and its use within the title of this work is intended to reference this early missionising history. The repetitive star forms of the individual units , reminiscent of net curtains and the use of suburban detritus reference an urban 21st century reality. The negative space between each individual unit forms a cross, which reinforces the religious imagery within the work. "

Niki Hastings-McFall Born 1959 Samoan / New Zealand European

Niki Hastings-McFall was born and lives in West Auckland. She has recently completed a degree in visual Arts. She first met with her fathe's Samoan family in 1992, shortly before his death. Since then her work has been increasingly driven by research into her heritage. She describes her work as mixed media assemblage in which she explores the issues of being a New Zealander of Pacific Island descent living in urban 21st Century Aotearoa. She has exhibited frequently, both here and overseas, and has work in New Zealand, Australia and American collections.