' Window, Door , Path ' 2001 <Ask for Price List >
Builders paper, mdf skirting board, paint : 300 cm x 350 x 290 cm

" This installation explores notions of identity and duality; the traditional wharenui, (meeting house) architecture, hybrid construction, the colonial window and migration across the water. The door incorporates Kowhaiwhai (rafter pattern ) imagery, the window references colonial lace, the path, a black wave ."

Lonnie Hutchinson- Born 1963 - Samoan / Maori (Kai Tahu)

Born in Auckland, Hutchinson works as a multi-media artist: in the fields of painting , sculpture, installation , moving image and avante garde performance. She holds a degree in spatial design and sculpture from Unitech and is a practising teacher . Hutchinson has exhibited in many exhibitions , most recently the 4th Noumea Biennial in New Caledonia. She was the first pacific woman artist to be awarded the prestigious Macmillan Brown Pacific Island artist-in-residence at the University of Canterbury in 2000. " Navigator/ Navigation - leaving stars, boats and compasses aside, my work speaks about the paths and opportunities that are out there, the journey of life and learnt knowledge."