' Teina 2001 ' <Ask for Price List >
pine, oil, resin - 270 x 160 x 80 cm

"' I was inspired by Lemi Ponifasio's thoughts in his mall publication ' Bone Flute 'which he gave to me at the recent Tautai Sculpture Symposium. In particular this sculpture is influenced by the following statements by Lemi , " We were born by our mothers, grown from her flesh. Our flesh, therefore, is interwoven with our mothers' and fathers ', sisters and brothers, family, village, nation, mankind - and finally nature ".(Ponifaso, 200). Peace, Ioane "

John Ioane - Born 1962 - Samoan

John Ioane was born in Christchurch and is a multi-media artist known for his abilities as a painter and sculptor, his enigmatic installation pieces and dynamic performances. Ioane sees performance, sculpture and sound as all parts of one and the same thing, of his art, of an experience. "I like to get people involved in the actual installation in much the same way as Polynesian culture involves sound everyday in all it&rsquo;s major rituals and celebrations. Ioane's sculpture frequently reflect his admiration of natural forms found in coastal environments. He has exhibited widely most recently at the Tautai Sculpture Symposium in Auckland.