Welcome to Out of the Blue...

Out of The Blue features the work of 18 Maori and Pacific Island artists from Aotearoa. Using contemporary mediums and images they create work that bridges the world of their ancestors with their global urban reality. Like their ancestors these artists manipulate available materials in the innovative practices you see here. These works tell the stories of experiences, people, ideas and issues important to the artists, their families and their communities today.

Out of the Blue deliberately and intentionally conjures up a peaceful, blue, seductive, idyllic Pacific existence. The art works in this exhibition however, powerfully counter and often parody this cliche in a myriad of ways. The exhibition is designed to articulate a range of narratives concerned with issues of spirituality, colonization, migration, the environment, globalization, representation, and creation of identities -- issues significant today.

Out of the Blue locates itself firmly in the heart of the Pacific. The exhibition speaks of journeys and interactions, past and present, physical and metaphysical. Showcasing the dynamism of Maori and Pacific Island art, the exhibition acts to transmit yesterdays knowledge to toady's audiences.

Out of the Blue celebrates the vision and ongoing contribution that Maori and Pacific Island arts communities have played in shaping New Zealand's identity as a Pacific Nation.

Out of the Blue was curated specifically for the Hawkes Bay Exhibition centre. Unlike the blue Pacific that often conceals the turbulent currents underneath, this exhibition addresses the fundamental issues of our day. It is my hope that Out of the Blue not only reflects the varied Maori and Pacific Island identities present, but also the ideals and dreams of Hastings and its surrounding communities.


Giles Peterson, M.A, Dip Arts Admin

Pacific Age Art Auckland NZ
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